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About us
We are a unique team of developers and programmers with years of experience inbuilding bespoke applications from scratch and bringing existing apps to a whole new level.
We work closely with our clients from the development stage to understand the needs of each unique business and their customers and deliver a customised solution for the end-user.
We know precisely how to turn your idea into a design and then into a scalable application for your business that will help you grow, maximise turnover and increase customer satisfaction.
Our Offer
We provide high quality solutions for iOS, Android and Web applications and offer each client a bespoke team of front and back end developers dedicated to their project.
phone Mobile apps
Fully scalable mobile applications in React Native. App development includes graphic and UX design, code development and delivery to the App store and Google Play Market.
personal computer Web applications
Fully responsive web applications in ReactJS. Web app development includes graphic and UX design,code development and publishing to the server.
gear Custom applications
If you require a bespoke solution other than web or mobile application let us know.We can also create customised apps with a backend powered in NodeJS.
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Our Projects
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Comprehensive vegan food and cosmetics database.
The main purpose of the app is to promote a healthy and vegan lifestyle. Veggie users have the ability to explore products, analyse their ingredients and easily find alternatives. Additionally, the app includes an advanced voting and user review system which allows the customers to share knowledge and their experience about the products.
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Barcode scanner application
The Core features of the app is a social media integrated system which allows user login, following other profiles as well as sharing opinions and information about products. Skanerka's features also include a product availability map, creation and sharing of customised lists of products and a barcode scanner.
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